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Repurposing Containers for Storage

wicker baskets and a plant on a shelf in a clean home with the stairs in the background

Getting organized is a must for guaranteeing a fresh start in a new year. We’ve got some suggestions to help you get closet space and storage space organized so each corner of your apartment at The Grand Estates Woodland can shine and work the way you want it to here in Magnolia, TX.


First, purge. Adopt the rule that for every item that comes into the apartment, three things have to go out of it. The best way to declutter is to do just one drawer, closet, or shelf at a time. Attempting the whole apartment is overwhelming and rarely actually successful.

So make three piles: keep, give away, and throw away. Once sorted, put all of the keep items away where they belong (or designate a place for them to belong if they don’t already have one). Toss the throw away items immediately and put the giveaway ones in the car so it’s there, ready to deliver to a thrift store or shelter.

Maximizing Storage Space

Wicker baskets are your friend. Use one to hold your remotes and another to collect everything that needs to be put away in another room if you often find miscellaneous items around the apartment. Use a basket to hold the things that need to be returned to other people. And store seldom used items in baskets you’ll place on high shelves. It’s decorative and practical!

Repurpose! Items intended for one purpose can often be adapted for another. For example, magazine holders can hold blow dryers and curling irons in your bathroom cupboard. They can even hold various-sized lids in your kitchen and small toys in your living room.

Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes. Hang one inside the coat closet to store scarves, gloves, umbrellas, and pet items. Or use one to sort mail for various people in the house. Just label the pockets with a name. Hang one on the back of the bathroom door and you have instant storage space for small items that belong in the bathroom.

Hanging wire fruit baskets can hold more than just fruit. Hang one on the shower rod and you have a storage place for tub toys and bottles. Hang one in the utility room to store dryer sheets, stain removers, and more. Put one in the kid's room and fill it full of your child’s favorite toys and you have a storage space and display in one swoop.

However you choose to organize your apartment at The Grand Estates Woodland, it will feel good to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

What are your favorite organizing tips? Leave a comment to share. Thanks for reading! Good luck!