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Laundry Day Tips


As anyone who has had to drive all over Magnolia, TX looking for an open laundromat on a Saturday or Sunday night can attest, having an in-apartment washer and dryer setup is a wonderful amenity, and one that The Grand Estates Woodland provides for all of our residents! Today we are sharing tips that will make your laundry day go more smoothly.

Before You Wash

First, establish good habits for sorting laundry. Using a triple laundry sorter may save you time come laundry day, as your clothes will already be sorted into whites, darks, and colors. For socks, give each household member a zippered mesh bag. Add dirty socks to the bag. Then on laundry day collect the bags, zip them up, wash and dry them, and return them to the owner. Enjoy no more missing socks!

Pre-treat stains before you toss clothes into the hamper. Put together a stain-removal kit for laundry that contains the products you need to remove most common stains. This comprehensive Stain Solutions Guide put together by the Extension Office at the University of Illinois is a good resource. Print out a basic stain removal guide and hang it by your washer; that way you will have the solution you need for stains where you need it when you need it.

When Washing and Drying

  • Turn dark colored items inside out before washing to help prevent fading. Also, zip up zippers and fasten buttons to help prevent items from catching on other garments being washed.  
  • Keep a whiteboard near your washing machine and make note of items that need to be air-dried. When it’s time to switch the laundry, you have a list of what not to put in the dryer for each load.
  • Toss a dry towel into the dryer with your wet laundry to help the load dry faster, as the dry towel absorbs moisture.
  • When putting shoes in the dryer, first loosely tie the laces together and knot them. Hang the shoes inside the dryer door (with the knot hanging on the outside of the door). The shoes will dry without all of the banging around.
  • Folding and More
  • Suspend a rod near your dryer so you can take clothing out and put it directly on a hanger. This is a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming or clothes from shrinking.
  • Keep a change jar by your washer and dryer and any spare change you find in the laundry to the jar. When it’s full, reward yourself with a treat for successfully conquering Mount Washmore so many times!

Thanks for reading today’s blog! If you have some awesome laundry day tips, share them with the rest of the apartment community in the comments.