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How to Make World Teachers’ Day Count

Teacher with children of different ethnicities

Teachers take on a noble work: educating the future leaders and members of the country! We should really be celebrating them every day, but thankfully, we have extra days to remind us. Friday, October 5th, is World Teachers’ Day, so today the Grand Estates Woodland Blog has a few suggestions for how to celebrate it here in Magnolia, TX.



Teachers want to see their students succeed, so if you’re currently a student or if you have one at home, dedicate yourself to studying and taking to heart the things you learn. Communicate with teachers your problems and regularly ask clarifying questions so you can get help where necessary and meet your potential.


And while you’re improving your mind, work on your habits. Practice proper classroom behavior with children. Your teachers will definitely appreciate it!


Get Involved.

Make your school a great place to be by participating in school events, volunteering where possible, and participating in good causes that positively affect your school or your community. Ask teachers about fundraisers or other events they know of that you can support, either financially or with your time and talents.


Speak Up.

Each person can valuably contribute to the world they’re in, whether it’s at school, home, or in the community. Create an environment of learning and positivity wherever you are by your words and actions. One great way anyone can do this is to speak out against bullying and to offer support to those who are struggling.


Express Gratitude.

World Teachers’ Day is about schools and education, but first and foremost, it’s to celebrate teachers! Write a note to a teacher who has made a positive difference in your life and send it to them with their favorite gift, whether that be flowers, a gift basket, or a gift card. It can be a teacher you’ve recently interacted with or one from years ago. They’ll appreciate the thought and expression of something specific that impacted you.



Public schools are government funded, so do your part to ensure that policies affecting your schools, children, and teachers are good ones. Research candidates’ stances behind issues that matter most to you and that affect your schools, and then head to the voting booth (polls are often held at schools) and make a difference!


How do you celebrate World Teachers’ Day, with your students or in the classroom? Let the rest of the apartment community know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. Happy World Teachers’ Day to all the educators out there!