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Benefits of Giving Thanks

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Don’t forget to express your thanks this month, especially as Thanksgiving rounds the corner! If you need a bit of reason to stop to express something you’re grateful for before digging into your holiday feast, read on! These benefits of giving thanks are definitely worth the effort of looking for something to be grateful for here in Magnolia, TX.

Improves Physical Health

Thanksgiving may be a day of binging on your favorite foods, but thankfully, gratitude is the most important thing here. According to a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences, grateful people report feeling healthier than other people and they experience fewer aches and pains. Grateful individuals are also more likely to take better care of their health by doing things like exercising often and attending regular check-ups with their doctor, which will ultimately lead to a longer life.

Enhances Empathy and Reduces Aggression

Robert A. Emmons, Ph. D., has conducted multiple studies on the effects of gratitude on well-being. Gratitude helps to reduce toxic emotions like anger, envy, and frustration. Research has confirmed that gratitude helps to promote happiness and reduce depression, though it still remains unknown how exactly.

Promotes Better Sleep

Grateful people sleep better according to a 2011 study that was published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being. Something as simple as taking 15 minutes to write down a few thoughts of gratitude before bed may help you sleep better and longer.

Improves Relationships

A grateful heart is associated with kindness, trust, and desire to improve social relationships, whether at home or in the workplace. So express appreciation and give the people in your personal and professional lives the recognition they deserve. You’ll both feel and see the difference.

How has gratitude helped you? Share your favorite benefits of it in the comments so the rest of the apartment community here at The Grand Estates Woodland can be inspired. We hope you have an enjoyable and a safe holiday!